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Pearls of matured Skrei roe obtained through the spherification of our Bottarga Boreale®.

Skreiperle is made from Bottarga Boreale® extract, reduced to small pearls via a sophisticated technique called "spherification". The pearls have a pleasant and aromatic bottarga taste and look similar to capelin roe or Russian caviar. 

Skreiperle has a bright orange color and pleasant silky texture. The taste is mild

It can be used for starters, main courses, fish tacosalads, fish soup, sushi, poke bowl, dressings, and cold and hot sauces. The product maintains its texture, flavor, and color both when served chilled and after cooking.

Ingredients: water, cod roe (Gadus morhua), salt, sodium alginate (E-401), natural aroma, citric acid (E-330), paprika extract (E-160c).

Gluten-free. Processed fish product. Canned and vacuum-packed.

Storage: Store dry and cool (2-12 ° C). Do not freeze.
After opening, use within 14 days.

Kosher and halal certified.